Life Outside the Garden


Life is happening all around us. It is a constant rhythm wooing us to come and join in the dance. You can feel it’s pull if you take the time to be present in what is happening around you.

For instance, as I pause to pay attention, there is a feast for the senses right outside my window.

As I close my eyes I can hear the birds singing their morning songs.  A pair of geese fly over. Their honks are piercing the air with encouragement. Down by the lake, the crickets and frogs add their melody right on cue. Soon the road will be busy with traffic humming by as the day begins to pick up it’s tempo.

The sky is awakening in brightest blue punctuated with a few wisps of clouds. I look up and see the the new leaves bursting forth from their branches in shades of greens and crimson. The dew on the grass glistens as the breeze carries the scent of pine through the window. Just across the way an eagle soars majestically above the tree tops.

Spring has finally arrive in our part of the country and life has once again emerged from it’s long slumber. Hope is born again.

Like the earth, our lives follow the rhythms of the seasons. Each one baring it’s unique mark on our souls.

In Winter our lives feels dormant and bare, slumbering deep beneath a blanket of snow. There is a beauty in the Winter unlike any other season. The sunlight glistens brightly across the new fallen snow. Life has slowed down and we are able to find rest for our souls.

Spring arrives and our hearts are renewed. New life seems to abound as we plant seeds of hope. It is in this season we commit our dreams to action and begin to work the soil. We plants our dreams and fertilize them with prayer for abundance to grow out of the tiniest of seeds.

Summer arrives and things start to get a little more intense. Our dreams are growing and changing but it is a daily battle to keep them alive in the heat of life. We find joy in the refreshing breeze and warm summer rains giving a balance to the long hot days.

Fall, arrives with a crisp chill in the air. The birds once again start heading south and the rest of the animals begin to build their store of food for the season ahead. Another growing season is complete and the harvest has arrived. This is the season we get to reap what we have sown.

Some years the harvest is plentiful. Our storehouses are filled and overflowing. Other years the harvest is lean. No matter how hard we tried our dreams did not produce the harvest we expected.

There was the year where we had a poor spring and we were not able to work the field properly. Then there was the year a strong summer storm pulled our dreams apart. There was the year we faced disease and the one where no encouragement came to bring the refreshing rain needed to keep the dream going.

Each year is different and each season has it’s joys and trials.

My soul, has recently emerged from a long winter season spent in quiet reflection and prayerful anticipation of the coming spring. The last six months I have spent a lot of time preparing the ground of my heart to plant the dreams of this next season of my life. We are about to walk into a new season of life in many different ways for our family. I confess, I am filled with a mix of emotions as we prepare to journey to new areas in life we have never been before. My hope rest in knowing no matter what lies ahead, we have God’s loving grace surrounding us.

We live in a world that is fallen. No longer the garden it once was. But, through grace and mercy we see glimmers of the redemptive work happening all around us. One day this world will change once again and Eden will be reclaimed. For now, this is life outside of the garden.